‘Back to Basics’ Session and More

ALLL conference to answer questions on allowance and CECL

Given the recent pronouncements from FASB relative to the new accounting standard for estimating your ALLL, this year’s MST 2016 National ALLL Conference has been stacked to provide expertise on all the key issues banks need to be prepared for CECL at its implementation date as well as to continue to handle the issues that challenge today’s incurred loss ALLL calculations.

Structure Allows for Small Group Discussion on ALLL and CECL

What will be the same about this year’s conference, the only national conference dedicated to the allowance, is that once again we will have an unparalleled roster of ALLL experts on accounting, auditing and regulatory issues, and the new capabilities banks will have to learn or adopt to estimate their ALLL based on future losses as required by CECL. But what will be different is how the conference is structured. Over the two-and-a-half-day program, following each presentation, each table of 10 bankers from similar-sized institutions will be led in a discussion of how the content of that presentation applies to their institutions and their work with the allowance.

“Back to Basics” ALLL Track Available

As well, this year MST will offer a special session we’re calling “Back to Basics.” The session content was inspired by and is similar to regional programs we have been conducting in collaboration with the Risk Management Association, which involve hands-on application of the fundamental principles and practices involved in estimating the ALLL today. The Back to Basics workshop is designed for attendees new to the allowance, who have inherited a model unfamiliar to them, or otherwise would find a review of the basics helpful to their understanding of the allowance and to maximizing the value of the other more advanced conference sessions.

Fun Events at the Conference: Golf at Torrey Pines, Special Dinner at San Diego Zoo

Of course, all work and no play – well, you know the downside of that. Every year we build in some relaxation and fun into the program. This year, how could we go to Torrey Pines and not have a golf outing? So Monday, prior to the start of sessions on Tuesday, we’ll put together foursomes for an MST Challenge – nothing too serious and open to all skill levels. And the highlight event, the conference dinner celebration, will be held at the world famous San Diego Zoo.

ALLL Professional – Don’t Miss this Conference

If you have responsibilities related to the ALLL at your institution, this is the one conference you should attend this year. We look forward to seeing you there. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE CONFERENCE WEBSITE.