Substance and Expertise on the Allowance and CECL

National ALLL Conference brings together CECL industry experts

We intend the MST 2017 National ALLL Conference, May 23-25, in New Orleans to be the preeminent allowance and CECL educational event of the year. A summary look at our conference sessions and a list of the industry experts who will lead them and participate as panelists serves as evidence of the value of attending this year’s conference: 

Substantive Sessions and Workshops on the Allowance

CECL Implementation Blueprint. Your multi-year plan for developing and implementing a CECL solution will be guided by four disciplines: accounting, modeling, economics and engineering. This conference session will examine how they interact in a CECL implementation blueprint that includes:

  • A plan for managing implementation through the initial reporting periods
  • GAP analysis
  • Methodology options & recommendations
  • Implementation of the chosen method(s)


Establish a CECL Steering Group. CECL will impact your institution enterprise wide, so a steering committee created to design a plan to prepare for CECL should include members from key departments. These sessions will help you define the concept for your financial institution and outline the responsibilities for each participant.

Methodologies and Modeling. The goal of CECL preparation is to identify and implement a CECL methodology – or methodologies – that best suits your institution and loan portfolios. This session will help you get a better grasp on your options.

What Your Board and Investors Need to Know. CECL will impact your bottom line. For many institutions the impact will be profound. This session will help you anticipate your board’s and investors’ concerns and address them.

Examiners and CECL. Get insights from the insiders, including leading CECL experts who have appeared before the joint regulatory steering committee.

Economic Outlook. Discussions with industry experts and economists that will help you understand how to select and incorporate economic forecasts into your CECL estimations.

Q Factors under CECL. Q factors will have a different role under CECL. These discussions will help you justify, document and apply Q factors.

Bankers Share Transition Experiences. Question and test your transition ideas with bankers involved in advising, leading and influencing CECL transitions.

Connecting the ALLL, CECL, DFAST and Stress Testing. Learn from experiences in stress testing where the allowance process and data play leading roles.

CECL Governance. Explore the roles of those charged with governance over your CECL process.

Plus interactive sessions and workshops to help you identify and resolve problems arising during your CECL transition, on how CECL will drive decisions and processes other than the allowance, and on topics related to estimating your allowance today, under the current incurred loss model.

 A Faculty of Experts

Returning for the 2017 National ALLL Conference are some of the most highly rated speakers from previous MST annual conferences:

  • Rahul Gupta, Grant Thornton Partner who served with FASB through the development of CECL
  • Graham Dyer, Grant Thornton Partner and member of FASB’s CECL Transition Resource Group and the IASB’s IFRS 9 Impairment Transition Group (ITG)
  • Michael Thronson and Gabe Nachand of Moss Adams LLP
  • Ben Hoffman of KPMG, LLP
  • Robin Sawyer of DHG Financial Services
  • Muneera Carr of Comerica Bank
  • Bart Smith of Performance Trust Capital Partners
  • John Hurlock of SMARTER Risk Management
  • Mike Gullette of the American Bankers Association
  • Dorsey Baskin, Garry Rank, Tom Cunningham, and Chris Emery of MST Advisory


Plus, new additions to our faculty of experts for 2017:

  • Francisca Ventriglia of KPMG, LLP
  • Hans Pettit of Horne, LLP
  • Chad Keller of Crowe Horwath
  • Vincent Milano of Postlethwaite & Netterville, APA
  • Mike Lundberg of RSM
  • Walter McNairy and Will Neeriemer of DHG Financial Services
  • Shane Williams and Max Oberkofler of MST Advisory


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