Current GAAP: ALLL You Need to Know

It will be 2020 before most institutions stop estimating according to the incurred loss model.  According to recent published articles, auditors citing internal controls shortcomings have increased and the loan loss reserve has been singled-out in several of these cases. So lenders need to keep their eyes on the incurred loss ball as they progress down their paths to a compliant CECL methodology. Garry Rank and Will Neeriemer are here to help you stay focused.



Garry Rank, a highly regarded National ALLL Conference speaker , and currently working with MST Advisory Services, spent three decades at , a top 30 regional accounting firm, specializing in corporate financial auditing, accounting and financial reporting as well as consultation on governance, financial systems and internal controls.

Will Neeriemer, a partner in the DHG Financial Services practice, has more than 15 years providing attest and advisory services to financial institutions, and extensive experience with the accounting and auditing issues related to mergers and acquisitions, mortgage banking and complex valuations.