Measuring the Impact of the Divided States of America

Our nation is increasingly politically split, opposed to consensus. Does this translate to additional risk for lenders and borrowers? Our three presenters for this session are uniquely positioned to comment on this question, and will share insights on our divided states, what should concern us and why.


Tom Cunningham joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as an economist with the macropolicy group in 1985. He was promoted to senior economist in 1989, and to research officer and senior economist with responsibility for the regional group in 1992. He retired from the Fed in 2015 and currently works with MST Advisory as  a consultant.

Michael Gullette is vice president of accounting and financial management for the American Bankers Association (ABA). He has been the voice of the ABA, and therefore the industry, to FASB throughout the development of CECL.

Bart Smith is managing director of Performance Trust Capital Partners. With 25 years of experience with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), he is an expert resource in bank policy and regulatory matters.