Larry Sorensen

Larry Sorensen has been the CFO of Washington Trust Bank, a $6.0 billion institution headquartered in Spokane, Washington, since 2008.

His career spans regulatory roles during the thrift crisis at the FHLB of San Francisco, and private sector roles in the financial industry and high tech.  During the 1990’s he worked in the Corporate Development department of Golden West Financial Corporation, and after taking a year off to travel the world, he worked for a software start-up and later found his way back to banking as the CFO of Sonoma National Bank and then his current position with Washington Trust Bank.

Mr. Sorensen has an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Colorado and is a graduate of the ABA’s Stonier Graduate School of Banking (Class of 2007).  Beginning in the summer of 2014, he joined the Stonier faculty teaching a course on bank financial management.