Strategic Benefits of CECL Data Analytics

Creating a framework for analyzing relevant data across a varied customer base can improve your capacity to see and understand new, useful correlations between needs, risks and opportunities. In this workshop, we will delve into the opportunities and challenges with using data analytics in your development and use of CECL to assist not only with the compliance requirements of your auditors and regulators, but to provide useful strategic information in your future business decisions.


Hans Pettit | Partner, Financial Institutions | Horne LLP

Hans is a partner in HORNE LLP’s Financial Institutions practice who challenges his clients to evaluate perspectives and find opportunities unique to their organizations. His focused experience with highly regulated entities means specific assessment of a client’s situation is only the beginning of the relationship. Hans’ specialty is guiding clients through the complexities of risk and regulatory issues, while identifying strategic opportunities for outcomes that position a client’s leadership team to succeed.

Brandon Roberts | President | Premier Insights

Brandon A. Roberts, Ph.D. is a banking industry economist and president of Premier Insights, Inc., a research-consulting firm he founded in 1995.  The company is an analytical and strategic consulting firm specializing in econometric and statistical analyses for the financial industry, Fair Lending and CRA consulting, and other research and analytical services.  The firm works with institutions of all sizes assisting them with addressing regulatory challenges that require statistical analysis or modeling and other data analytics.