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Data for CECL- and Extended Applications

Dave Keever | Principal | Crowe Howarth
To comply with CECL, banks will need to access much more data, both volume and type, than they do calculating their reserves under the current incurred loss model. Attendees will get a handle on their current data stockpiles and what they’ll need to forecast losses.

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Panel Discussions: CECL Preparation and Unexpected Consequences

Muneera Carr | CAO & Controller | Comerica Bank
Interactive panel discussions will explore what banks should be doing to prepare for CECL. Plus, a second panel session including bankers and auditors will discuss the unexpected consequences of CECL.

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Q Factors: Quantifying the Qualitative

Michael Gullette | Vice-President | American Bankers Association
Q Factors can be a mystery. How do you quantify the qualitative? In this session, Gullette will offer a structured approach to Q-factor adjustments and auditor requirements.

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Behavioral Economics: The Science of Risk

Kelly Peters | CEO | BEworks
How does perception, or bias, come into play when measuring and responding to risk? Could it distort your view of your loan portfolio? Kelly will discuss the science of risk to see what biases might distort viewpoint and keep you from properly assessing risk.

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Questions Directors Will Be Asking About CECL

Robin Sawyer | Partner | Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP
What will your board of directors want and need to know about CECL? What questions should you be ready to anticipate and answer? Educating everyone will be important since the impact of CECL will be enterprise-wide.

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Q & A with the Former CECL Project Manager

Rahul Gupta | Partner | Grant Thornton
Ask the source questions about CECL. Rahul Gupta returned to his post at Grant Thornton in February 2016 after serving as project manager on FASB’s CECL project. Why CECL? Why now? Is it scalable? Certain to be a lively and revealing session.

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Profits from Losses

Graham Dyer | Sr. Mgr. National Professional Standards Group | Grant Thornton
What will auditors look for in a new CECL model that is GAAP-compliant ? How to win their approval? Among the issues Dyer will address in this session: technical merits, data and governance.

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CECL Compliant Methodologies

Mike Thronson and Gabe Nachand | Partners, Moss Adams, LLP Moss Adams’ Mike Thronson and colleague Gabe Nachand conducted a workshop following their conference-wide presentation to involve a smaller group in an interactive discussion of the practical aspects of CECL, including CECL-compliant allowance methodologies.                   Mike Thronson                       Gabe Nachand Key Takeaways Whatever new model you…

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Q Factors and Their Future Under CECL

Ben Hoffman | Director, Credit Risk Group | KPMG Ben is a Director in KPMG’s Credit Risk Group who specializes in credit risk analytics for both commercial and retail portfolios. In this function he has assessed and enhanced credit risk measurement frameworks and processes to help financial institutions better measure and understand their portfolio’s credit…

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Panel Discussions: What are We Doing Now to Prepare for CECL

Muneera Carr | EVP, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer | Comerica Bank Dan Harach | Vice President and Portfolio Analytic Manager | Western Alliance Bancorporation Of the National ALLL Conference’s vast array of perspectives on CECL, Muneera Carr’s and Dan Harach’s were uniquely that of preparers. As financial professionals, they look at CECL from a practical…

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